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Largest Piano Store in Florida
150 East Drive | Melbourne, FL 32904

Piano Rebuilding

Atlantic Music Center is the largest piano rebuilder in the Southeastern United States. Piano services we provide include complete restoration, re-stringing, regulation, voicing and refinishing, and player system installation.
Our skilled technicians are dedicated to ensuring you receive only the highest quality instrument service.

"Our skilled technicians are dedicated to ensuring you receive only the highest quality instrument service."

In addition to our rebuilding services, our AMC Certified Rebuilt Pianos are carefully selected, serviced and restored by qualified technicians to like-new condition and made available for your purchase. AMC Certified Rebuilt/Refinished Pianos include refinished case, new hammers, shanks and flanges, new strings and felt, tuning, voicing and action regulation. All brass has been polished to like-new or has been replaced. Pianos sold with a
Certified Rebuilt certificate include our 2-year 100% trade-in promise as a testament to their performance.

With many years of knowledge and expertise coming from Yamaha, Steinway, Wilh. Steinberg, Steingraeber, Pre-Gibson Baldwins, and other reputable manufacturers, our technicians are more than qualified to bring these world class instruments back to life. We welcome visitors to tour our shop in-person, but our shipping and delivery network extends worldwide.

Certified Rebuilt


Our Master Technicians



Master Technician

Keith served as the head of Baldwin's technical services at their manufacturing plant. He is an expert with many years of experience and a wealth of knowledge that he passes to our younger technicians.



Piano Technician

Stoney Copelin is a master technician who has studied under techs worldwide, including Steingraeber & Sohne, Feurich, Kawai, Baldwin, and Wilh. Steinberg, and the Renner Academy.



Master Technician

With 42 years experience as a piano tuner, technician and rebuilder, Paul does outstanding work and is also an excellent player piano technician and services Piano Disc, QRS, and Disklavier customers.