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Steinway - Just Completly Refurbished-Rebuilt Action-New Strings Model M 158816

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Our Price: $ 15,700.00

This piano just came out of our shop . It has been REFINISHED; Action replaced with new GERMAN PARTS, new strings, felts, keytops, damper felt, key bushings, all brass replaced or refurbished and polished. The action regulated for a performance piano; hammers voiced, pedals and dampers regulated. New pin block for long term tuning stability --READY TO PERFORM !!! This Steinway Model M (5’-7”) Baby Grand was originally manufactured in the USA in 1912 at Steinway’s piano factory in New York. It is a fine example of a Model M from the early 1900’s, and one of the very first Model M pianos manufactured by Steinway when it was first introduced the year before in 1911. This piano has just undergone extensive reconditioning by Atlantic Music Center’s rebuild shop here in Florida. This is an AMC Certified Reconditioned piano that has undergone thorough replacement of all worn and deteriorated components of the piano and refinishing of the case. The original matching bench is included. The case has been expertly refinished to like-new condition in a traditional satin finish to bring out the magnificence of natural walnut wood grain that was used in the manufacture of this piano over one hundred years ago. Steinway & Sons has been manufacturing the 5’-7” Model M for well over 100 years. Introduced in 1911, the Model M was introduced as the “Studio Grand” for your home. It is one of the most common and best-selling pianos ever produced by the company. Manageable size and great tone are the combination that helped established the Model M as one of the most versatile baby grands ever produced, satisfying the requirements of the home as well as practice rooms, and many institutional settings. Besides the total refinishing work that was done on the cabinet and case components, we also refinished the cast iron plate (harp), refinished the soundboard and bridges, installed brand new high-quality Mapes piano strings, and replaced the felts, including the damper felts. We also replaced the hammers with upgraded Renner Bluepoint hammers, shanks, and flanges, replaced the key bushings, voiced the hammers, regulated the action and dampers, and tuned the piano to concert pitch. The pedals, brass, and all metalwork has either been replaced or polished to like-new condition. Besides the very rich overtones that Steinway pianos are known for, anyone searching for a pre-owned Steinway & Sons baby grand will find that the Steinway Model M offers one of the best combinations of manageable size and incredible tone in a hand-crafted piano under six foot in length.

Steinway - Just Completly Refurbished-Rebuilt Action-New Strings
Model M
$ 25,700.00