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Steingraber A170 Phoenix System (Demo Piano) 47040

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Steingraber (Phoenix)_A170 _47040 (1).jpg
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Steingraber (Phoenix)_A170 _47040.jpg

Our Price: $ 47,200.00

Steingraeber Pianos are considered to be among the very best of the hand-crafted German pianos available on the market today. This rare model A179 5’-7” Baby Grand Piano was manufactured in Germany by Steingraeber, the distinction being the incorporation of the revolutionary Phoenix System within the design and construction of the piano’s soundboard, bridgework, and stringing and the resulting sound which is produced. The Phoenix System Pianos arose from a friendly and productive association between Steingraeber of Bayreuth and Hurstwood Farm Piano Studios, of Sevenoaks, based on shared objectives for the industry. Arguably the Phoenix Piano Systems offer the first major advance in piano design for over a century. The aim of Phoenix Piano Company is to use state of the art acoustic and computer science to improve the power, lengthen the sustain of the notes and enhance the artist/ instrument interface of modern pianos whilst producing an instrument of longer quality life and one that is significantly more tolerant of adverse climate conditions Musical concepts & ideas can be created swiftly from the sheer resonance of the carbon fiber soundboard in Steingraeber & Söhne’s Phoenix Piano System. Piano Tuner/Technician, Steve Pearson, quotes: “The Phoenix System exemplifies the most innovative evolution in piano design since the felt hammer.” ABOUT PHOENIX PIANOS Phoenix Pianos are dedicated to producing the most technically advanced and best crafted pianos possible. Key Features: An acoustic body (case, frame and fitting of the soundboard) supplied by Steingraeber of Bayreuth using only the finest available timber and other materials and old fashioned hand craftsmanship. A new form of bridge technology that transmits vibration energy from the strings to the sound board up to twice as efficiently as a traditional piano bridge. This new concept also eliminates the down bearing forces from the strings onto the soundboard, thus eliminating the progressive collapse of soundboards under load that terminates the quality life of all traditional pianos in a period of between 5 and 40 years according to the robustness of construction. It is generally perceived that thinner but inevitably less robust soundboards yield the best performance. There was therefore an important “trade- off” to be decided in selecting the right traditional piano for a particular duty. With Phoenix we have made that decision a thing of the past by removing the loading of the strings on the soundboard whilst enhancing the transfer of vibration energy from the strings to the soundboard. A newly developed 5 layer carbon fiber sound board based on Formula One racing car manufacturing technology with directionally controlled fiber in each layer. The board has low mass, low thickness and high elasticity. Sound energy loss in the substance of the piano sound board is significantly reduc A Wessel, Nickel and Gross low friction action made of various composite materials including hammer shanks of carbon fiber, and water repellent bushings that, unlike felt, do not swell and get stiff in conditions of high humidity. The action used in this piano can be immersed in water for 12 hours and still play perfectly. In another test of this type of action it was held at 95% Relative Humidity for weeks on end without any stiffness of the action developing. The hammer flange bushings have been tested to perform 10 million cycles without significant wear. Special premium felt hammers by Abel in Germany, identified by black core felt, which have been developed to exploit the potential of carbon fiber sound boards.

A170 Phoenix System (Demo Piano)
Sat Ebony
$ 79,500.00