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Schimmel Model W180T Wilhelm 18712

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Schimmel, Wilhelm_W180T_18712 (1).jpg
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Schimmel, Wilhelm_W180T_18712.jpg
The manufacturer will not allow us to advertise our low prices.
Simple elegance and traditional piano manufacturing meet in this Wilhelm Schimmel grand piano. A wonderful symbiosis which allows a musical experience for all senses. The sound, the action and the entire instrument meets the highest demands within an excellent price point. The Wilhelm Schimmel W180, designed for home use, would meet the requirements of musicians, families, and students on a limited budget who need a high-quality instrument. Designed by Schimmel in Germany and made by Schimmel in Europe, the Wilhelm Schimmel W180 has a typically high-quality Schimmel tone, rich and clear. The sustain is excellent, as is the balance between the treble and bass. This piano is powerful enough to be used in small concert venues, and it would also be an excellent choice for home use and in music studios. In reviews of the W18, the versatility of the tone of the W180 has been described as being capable of producing wide dynamics, from intimate to powerful, and, unusual for a piano in this price range, the tonal color changes with changes in volume throughout the dynamic range. With many other instruments in this price range, the tone seems to weaken at the extremes of pianissimo and fortissimo. Fine European Piano The experienced Schimmel craftsmen responsible for the “Wilhelm Schimmel” brand provide a guarantee of European sound and craftsmanship, which allows the pianist an especially enjoyable playing experience Schimmel’s Heritage Since 1885, Schimmel pianos have left their mark on European sound culture. The symbiosis of uncompromising aesthetics in sound and form, centuries old craftsmanship and the results of the latest scientific research results in instruments ranking among the most exquisite world wide. Each instrument is hand crafted in Schimmel’s own plant in Brunswick, Germany, by 220 skilled piano builders, cultivating a family tradition dating back to 1885. Germany’s largest and most awarded piano manufacturer promises to delight the eyes and ears. This highly awarded grand piano range includes models for home, studio, school and performance venue. Made in Braunschweig, Germany Products made in Germany have an excellent international reputation. This is because German products, like Schimmel upright and grand pianos, stand for the art of engineering as well as innovation, design, craftsmanship and, of course, reliability – in short, quality that people trust in worldwide. The W180 was designed by Schimmel in Germany, parts are sent to their factory in Poland where the piano is assembled, and shipped back to Germany for final assembly, inspection, and regulation. Schimmel is proud to be one of the handful of authentic German manufacturers, with all Konzert and Classic models produced at their factory in Brunswick, Germany, and receiving the 100% “BVK Certificate of German Piano Manufacture”. All Wilhelm piano models receive BVK Certified European Manufacture Certificate. How Schimmel Quality Is Created The Soundboard is the soul and voice of a piano. In it is concealed the secrets of tone quality and carrying power of a Schimmel grand or upright piano. Schimmel Scale Designs form the basis of extraordinary tone quality. The sound spectrum and timbers are of exemplary richness, enabling the pianist to precisely transform their artistic intentions into sound. The Backframe Assembly of a Schimmel piano is solidly built and time tested. Together with the heavy cast-iron plate, it bears almost 18 tons of string tension. The Schimmel Keyboard and Action Assembly, designed by Schimmel and produced in Germany, features painstakingly optimised leverage ratios and reliability. Its dynamic modulation potential enables the finest nuances in sound. A very limited number of these models are built each year. Crafting superior pianos requires the utmost in care, expertise and precision and this takes time. Please allow any time from 6 weeks up to 12 months from order through to manufacture and delivery of your own unique instrument. Please phone or email us to explore the special opportunities available. Options: There is an optional twin tone feature add-on, providing the ability to play as either a normal acoustic piano or an integrated digital piano for silent piano-playing. The digital piano function can also be used to operate external MIDI-compatible equipment. Finishes: Available in High Polished Ebony, High Polished White, and High Polished Mahogany

Model W180T Wilhelm
Pol Ebony
$ 44,702.00