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Schimmel K230 378.106

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Our Price: $ 89,900.00

WHAT AN INCREDIBLE OPPORTUNITY AND BUY! This piano was gently placed in a home environment with meticulous care. With the pedals still wrapped in their factory protective coating this piano shows as new and in "Mint Condition" and should be considered as "Like New". The Schimmel K-230 exhibits: Length ( inch ) 91″ Height ( inch ) 40″ Width ( inch) 61″ Weight ( lbs) 957 Made in Germany Schimmel action made by Renner | Germany Konzert Concept (Konzert): This is an innovative design concept, developed and patented by Schimmel and is based on the idea to implement all outstanding characteristics of the full sized concert grand (K 280) into this series where possible. For example, we are using the similar scale layout from tone 44 up to tone 88. Also, the soundboard design is similar to a grand piano. The hammer heads are made from highly elastic merino felt with high flexibility and low damping properties. The felt is made from the highest quality merino wool in a traditional fulling process in Germany. For the hammer cores, Schimmel uses hardwoods in combination with tension-regulating under felts. The result is a great richness of tone colours in the different dynamic levels, as well as long-lasting tones due to low damping effect on the strings (short contact period due to highly elastic felt). The mechanism of a large concert grand piano offers the pianist a preferred touch and allows control in ways to achieve and express themselves with high possibility to influence the sound characteristics with longer lever ratios. This instrument utilizes the Schimmel concert grand piano action from their largest Konzert grand K 280. This means that all grand pianos in the Konzert series play like a large concert grand. "Mineral key tops" are used for flat keys on this 7' 7" instrument. Developed by Schimmel, this offers a more sensitive touch for pianists. In addition to this secure and sensitive touch, they are "glare-free" thanks to the matt surface, which s particularly advantageous for the pianist, especially in environments with spotlights. Schimmel grand pianos are not built in a parallel shape, but in a conical shape. This means that the grand piano gets wider laterally from the keyboard in the direction of the string appendix. This creates an enlarged soundboard area compared to a traditional parallel design. In addition to a larger sound-producing-area, the string pressure forces can also be distributed more generously. The soundboard can vibrate more freely and produce more beautiful tone colours. This construction was patented in combination with the large concert mechanisms and the concert scale by Schimmel and is therefore unique. Triplex Scale - An appendix of a string are areas of strings that are not made to vibrate directly by the hammer head, but will vibrate through energy transfer and generate partial tones that provide even more richness of sound and longer sustain and can strongly influence the sound character. These areas are very sensitive and need to be crafted with precision to sound right. For this reason, we use CNC manufactured scales. The scales of our Konzert grand pianos can even be tuned afterwards, so that they can later be voiced by ear. Depending on the model, either no scale, one or two scales are used, resulting in one, two (duplex) or three (triplex) sound-producing sections of a string.

Polished Ebony
$ 151,025.00