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Mason and Hamlin BB 85472Pre Owned


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Our Price: $ 28,600.00

The Mason & Hamlin Model BB has always been one of our favorite pianos and considered one of the best models ever manufactured by this venerable American piano company. We were fortunate to come across this one, a fine example of a Model BB built in the USA in 1980. This one was most definitely a piano worthy of extensive rebuilding and refinishing. Work on this piano was completed by our shop in May of 2023, and it was just placed on our showroom floor. It has undergone extensive rebuilding including removal, repainting, and replacement of the harp (cast-iron plate), refinishing of the soundboard and bridges, new tuning pins, new high-quality Mapes strings, new felts, new key bushings, damper felts, and new Abel hammers. The piano has been expertly refinished in traditional satin ebony, and all metalwork has been polished to like-new condition, and it comes with a brand new artist bench. The keytops have been thoroughly cleaned and retain a subdued soft ivory shade to the natural keys on the keyboard. The hammers have been voiced and the action finely regulated by our shop technicians. This piano has been returned to its original glory and is a magnificent instrument that any professional musician or concert pianist would love to own. It would be the perfect piano for anyone considering a Mason & Hamlin BB, Steinway B, or Baldwin SF-10. The bass register on this magnificent instrument is incredibly deep and rich with a velvety quality that transitions beautifully throughout all the registers of the piano. The action is very responsive and a pleasure to play on, allowing the player the ability to intricately control the dynamics of this receptive instrument that possesses a very wide range of tone colors. Like most Model BB pianos, the sound is well balanced and blends perfectly with the mid and upper registers while also having the ability to dramatically respond with a deep, full, rich powerful tone when required. Acoustically, the 7’ Model BB is designed for spacious homes, auditoriums, concert halls, and professional studios. Aesthetically, the traditional satin ebony finish and clean lines lend a sophisticated and classic appeal that blends perfectly in any setting or environment. This versatility of this model makes it a favorite for use with chamber ensembles and for classical performances. It is also a perfect piano for blues, jazz, and popular music, and has been featured on scores of great recordings from the early 1900’s to the present day. Mason & Hamlin (along with Steinway & Sons) is one of the two surviving great American piano manufacturers having earned their reputation for consistent, quality manufacturing in 3 centuries. Established in 1854 by Henry Mason and Emmons Hamlin in Boston, Massachusetts, Mason & Hamlin has changed hands and manufacturing locations several times during its history starting in the 1930s when it was purchased by the Aeolian company and production moved to NY. The maker has since returned to MA with new owners and continues to make quality instruments to this day. Atlantic Music Center is the exclusive Florida representative for Mason & Hamlin’s premium line of traditional American made grand and vertical pianos. These world-class hand-crafted instruments are among the few still being made by the last remaining piano manufacturers in the USA (Mason & Hamlin of Massachusetts, and Steinway & Sons, New York). Visit the Mason & Hamlin section of our website to learn more about these fine instruments and view our current inventory of new and rebuilt Mason & Hamlin pianos.

Mason and Hamlin
Satin Black
$ 49,500.00