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Kawai CA701 812441


The manufacturer will not allow us to advertise our low prices.
Kawai’s award-winning legacy of premium digital pianos continues with the incredible Kawai CA701. It features Kawai’s ground-breaking “Grand Feel III” wooden-key keyboard action with Ivory & Ebony Touch key surfaces for an unmatched grand piano-like feel. The Shigeru Kawai SK-EX concert grand piano is reproduced by way of Kawai’s exclusive Rendering piano sound engine, providing a room-filling concert grand piano sound. Innovative amplifier technologies and a robust six-speaker configuration work together to create a deeply rich and impressive tone. Feature controls and sound menus are easily and intuitively accessed with an anti-glare LCD color touchscreen placed neatly in the left cheek block. All of these features combined create a stunning instrument for the discerning piano player. Depth: 19.5" (49.5 cm) Width: 57" (145 cm) Height: 38" (97 cm) Weight: 168 2/3 lbs (76.5 kg) HIGHLIGHTS - NEW: Competition Grand SK-EX Rendering sound engine with multi-channel piano sampling. With smoother transitions across the keyboard, more natural bass sounds and a stronger duplex scale presence for unmatched realism. - IMPROVED:Virtual Piano Artisan function with 20 adjustable parameters allows advanced adjustments in tone, as Kawai’s ‘Master Piano Artisans’ carefully voice the revered Shigeru Kawai grand pianos. - IMPROVED: Integrated Bluetooth® MIDI v5 and Bluetooth Audio v5 connectivity to ensure ultra-low latency and superior sound quality. - IMPROVED: Anti-glare LCD touchscreen with updated User Interface is also compatible with Kawai’s Piano Remote control app for iOS/Android - IMPROVED: Beautiful contemporary upright piano cabinet design with sliding key cover and refined keyboard, pedals and music rest positions. THE TOUCH OF A GRAND PIANO: GRAND FEEL III WOODEN KEY ACTION Incorporating many of the time-honoured principles associated with an acoustic piano, the Grand Feel III keyboard action utilized by the CA701 combines realistic materials, motion, and mechanism to emulate the responsive touch of the finest concert grand pianos. All eighty-eight black and white keys are shaped entirely from long pieces of wood, with delicately textured ivory and ebony-like surfaces applied to absorb moisture and assist control. Each wooden key pivots effortlessly on a balance pin with the ends rising and falling to replicate the conventional ‘seesaw’ motion of an acoustic piano action. When pressed, the back of the key lifts, triggering a grade-weighted hammer to strike a pressure switch. The amount of force applied to this switch is then measured, and the corresponding note played with authentic volume and tonal character. The CA701 features the new, exclusive SK-EX Competition Grand piano. This exciting new sample is in addition to the impeccable SK-EX grand piano sound, with all new sampling data, recorded from the pianist’s perspective. The Competition Grand sound is characterized by a bright, crisp sound with more natural bass notes and a clearer duplex scale presence in the upper notes.

$ 6,099.00