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Bosendorfer 170 VC 52094


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The new model 170 VC is the ultimate 5’-8” baby grand for any pianist or professional artist considering the purchase of a premium quality Bösendorfer piano for their home or studio. The all new Bösendorfer Vienna Concert Series of pianos incorporates new scaling design and construction techniques to the venerable Model 170 to further improve what many consider to be one of the most brilliantly designed baby grands ever manufactured. Ludwig Bösendorfer drew the first sketches of the Grand Piano 170 for the highly-cultured salon society of Imperial Vienna in 1908. More than a century later, Ludwig Bösendorfer’s vision and grand heritage lives on in this Model 170 VC by integrating the VC technology. A true Bösendorfer Sound experience with more than a century of music’s history. What are the main differences between the original series and the new VC series? The main differences between the VC models and traditional models are as follows: • Scaling design re-calculation to improve consistency and balance • Newly developed concept for acoustical assembly • Individual interconnected ring-type soundboard base • Customized three-dimensional crowning model for the pre-assembled acoustical setting including soundboard, soundboard base, ribs and bridges • Numerous design measures to facilitate stability and reliability in every sense What are the benefits of the new Bösendorfer VC models? The new VC series contains the typical Bösendorfer sound character with improved tonal projection, dynamic range, tonal responsiveness and sustainability. This allows for extended musical repertoire such as Viennese classic, late Romantic repertoire from composers such as Rachmaninov or Liszt as well as contemporary, jazz and modern music. Applications include small venues, concert halls, and are ideal for piano concertos with orchestra. Eased access and acceptance for Bösendorfer instruments, even for pianists with little experience; and improved stability and reliability for professional use, frequent transportation to concert venues, rental instruments and institutions. History: Ignaz Bösendorfer established his company in 1828 when he registered his business in Vienna as a piano maker. By 1859, upon his passing, Ludwig Bösendorfer furthered the company moving into larger facilities. A century later having undergone ownership changes, the company resided in the hands of Kimball Piano Company. Finally in 2008, Yamaha Corporation purchased the company. Pianos are still made in Austria and Yamaha states that they have no plans of changing production or manufacturing methods. The Conservatory Series (ending with CS) are the simpler, more competitively priced models. • Bösendorfer, one of the oldest piano manufacturers, was established in 1828 by Ignaz Bösendorfer. It has a long and illustrious history of producing highly respected instruments. • Today Bösendorfer continues to make handcrafted pianos in the same Vienna factory. Almost 300 of these premium pianos are made each year. • The Bösendorfer sound is usually described as slightly darker and richer than the less full-bodied sound of most other pianos. • The rim of a Bösendorfer grand piano is built quite differently from that of all other grands. Instead of veneers bent around a form, the rim is made in solid sections of spruce and jointed together. Spruce is better at transmitting sound than reflecting it. • Austrian high-altitude solid spruce pre-crowned soundboard • Maple & red beech pin block with walnut veneer top • Traditional cast iron plate • High tension independent capo bar construction • Solid red beech and spruce rim pieced together • Hand wound single looped strings • Hand-notched bridges • Renner underfelted “orange” hammers • Spruce keys • 10 Year parts and labor warranty

170 VC
Pol Ebony
$ 157,999.00